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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

4. Re-Positioning your ads - Making money with Adsense series

The position of your ads is a highly important factor. Gettign your ads in the correct spot can increase clickthrough by a huge amount.

To begin with, there are some golden rules:

- Always position your ads 'above the fold' so that users can see them on the page without having to scroll at all(even on a lower resolution eg 800x600).

- If possible, place your ads alongside you other site navigation, or even better - in the main content area. If your ads are somewhere where your eye's 'MUST' pass to be able to read the rest of your content, they will be seen.

People are beginning to get used to text ads, in the same way they got used to 468x60 banners. As this begins to happen, there will be more and more 'banner-blindness' even with text ads such as adsensze ads. However, a well thought out and well positioned adsense ad can still do very well. You just have to make it look less like a banner and more like an integral part of your site.

I have a site which uses 468x60 adsense ads. It performs better than any other ad I have on any of my other sites. It has no border, is blended, well positioned amongst relevant content, and has 4pixel top and bottom padding - (making it appear to not be 468x60, as there is more space above and below it.) This simple tweak seems to negate the banner-blindness, and keep people clicking.

Try it out on your blogs and let me know if you have the same success with it.

Making money from blogging is like cooking, if you follow the recipie to every last detail and are willing to persist, you'll eventually get it right.


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